Kathleen Stevens . . .

It’s been a wonderful journey in New England since I moved from the fast pace of the Washington DC Metropolitan area in 1981. Many other healthy avenues have opened up for me in New England, but my skin care regimen has always been an important health concern, especially since I have sensitive skin along with allergies. It was often mentioned to me by family and friends when we would get together for our home facials and massages, that I had "great hands". It came as no surprise that I would pursue Aesthetics in mid- life where I could combine my interest in skin care and my natural “Gift of Touch.” When it was suggested to me to look into the Skin Care field I took it seriously. Rather than looking toward retirement, I found myself pursuing a new career. This came at perfect time in my life for my personal skin care. I love the process of “Aging Gracefully”, not trying to change the process but enhancing it. Before long I was enrolled in the Aesthetics course at Spa Tech Institute, a Holistic & Polarity School in Westbrook, Maine. The educators at Spa Tech have been involved in the skin care field for over 25 years, creating unique holistic curriculua in several schools through out New England.

I love the process of "Aging Gracefully", not trying to change the process, but enhancing it.

This holistic approach offered me a wonderful range of techniques in Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Hot/Cool Stone work, Lymphatic work, Energy work and much more. I graduated among the top in my class in March 2007. After graduating I had the opportunity to work with dermalogica®, a line of skin care products developed by the International Dermal Institute,while working in a salon in the Olde Port in Portland, Maine. The scents, consistency, and the remarkable benefits to the skin from these products convinced me that this is the line I wanted to bring to Bridgton. To learn more about dermalogica® and the Int'l Dermal Institute, click HERE.

Although practicing in a rural area, I opened a modest but lovely skin care salon in the heart of our charming town of Bridgton, in the Western Lakes Area Region of Maine. This is a lovely place where I can focus on the special needs of each individual through the various modalities I have come to learn.

Along with the advanced research in products, we receive training in touch therapies. Touch is the most intimate of our senses. We have 365 pressure points in the face alone. These treatments enhance the skin with improved circulation; lymphatic work to move fluids, muscle re-education, and acupressure to release energy.

Skin Care Technologies are always expanding. My latest choice for an effective and non invasive technology is ultrasound which creates temporary pathways into the layers of the skin and microcurrent, which encourages the products down these pathways. The results are a plumper, firmer skin that magnifies the results of the key ingredients in all of the products.

I hope to see you soon at Kathleen of Bridgton for a Fabulous Customized Facial and/or Body Treatment to Renew Your Skin and Spirit.

- Kathleen Stevens -

Qualifications and Certifications

Education & Training

2007 Graduate from Spa Tech Institute, of The Polarity Realization Institute, Inc. Westbrook, NACCAS Accreditation.
    Certified Holistic Aesthetician
    Licensed with State of Maine

2007 to present Continuing education through the International Dermal Institute in Massachusetts.

Certifications and Awards

2007, 2009 - 2011 Dermalogica Certification

2007 LaStone Therapist Certification from IDI.

2008 Recipient of Greater Bridgton Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce Award "Rookie of the Year"

2008-12 member of Associated Skin Care Professionals

2009-10 Participant in “Pamper Yourself "Event by Bridgton Hospital’s Oncology Department for Cancer Patients and Caregivers.

2016 100 hr. Post Graduate Certificate of Achievement - International Dermal Institute.