Kathleen's Royal Treatment

90 min. - $145
Be treated Royally with 90 minutes of ultimate relaxation and skin rejuvenation. Special attention given to: back, feet, neck shoulders, along with a customized facial, then finish with a scalp massage.

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Dermalogica Facial Treatments*
Our skin care treatments are fully inclusive to deliver the maximum benefit for your skin's best health. Additional products and modalities may be added to target the individual needs of your skin.

AgeSmart™ Treatment

60 min.
The ultimate therapy for sun damaged and mature skin. Receive a revitalizing boost with this treatment designed to help firm, smooth, nourish and regenerate skin while controlling the biochemical triggers that lead to aging.

Botanical Skin Resurfacing Facial

60 min.
For excess oily skin experience a deep cleansing and exfoliation with a Papaya & Pineapple Enzyme Peel. Finish with a Marine Based Plankton clay masque rich in Marine Based Plankton and Minerals to refine skin and regulate sebum oil.
With extractions an additional 5 min. $85.00

Ultra Calming Treatment

75 min.
Serious Relief for sensitive skin. Receive a cleanse of UltraCalming Complex,a mild exfoliation with Rice Enzymes and Licorice Root. A cool stone massage may be added to soothe overactive capillaries. Finish with one of several masques to address your specific need for soothing skin sensitivity.

Gentlemen's Facial Treatment

The focus is on deep cleansing with hot towels, rice or fruit enzyme peel, masque and massage for healthier skin and a fresh appearance.

Priced accordingly. An Ultra-Sonic Facial Brush for deep cleansing and MicroCurrent for product penetration & exfoliation.
Concentrated Facial Masques:
  • Vitamin C
  • Brightening Masque
  • Earth Mineral Coontour Masque
Cool stones or warm stones to enhance your treatment for a greater benefit to your skin.
Expert Active Treatments
    Take your skin to the next level.

IonActive Power Treatment

This action-packed treatment combines thermal activity and the latest treatment-room technology to optimize product penetration for beneficial results. Aids signs of skin aging, uneven skin tone, acne, and/or dehydration. Includes warm or cool stone therapy.

Ancient Holistic Skincare Methods
Aromatherapy Treatment

90 min. - $95.00
Experience an ancient purifying treatment - a mineral salt foot soak, facial steam with essential oils and herbs, and a detoxifying clay masque. This is a totally relaxing treatment for skin cleansing and sinus clearing with acupressure manipulations and foot reflexology.

LaStone Therapy

90 min. - $95.00
Calm the Soul & Soothe your Spirit with this ancient ritual of hot & cool stones to rejuvenate and encourage cellular renewal. Clear energy and de-stress with deep heat penetration and receive a radiant glow to your skin. You will experience a double cleanse, exfoliation, and a massage with stones to the face, neck, shoulders & décolleté (upper chest). While relaxing with your facial masque, a hot stone massage is given to your legs, feet, arms and hands "for the ultimate in body relaxation".

Thermal Body Treatments
Kathleen of Bridgton - Thermal Body TreatmentKathleen of Bridgton - Thermal Body TreatmentKathleen of Bridgton - Thermal Body Treatment Thermal Body Treatments

Every Dermalogica Thermal Body Therapy Treatment is designed to target your skin's most pressing concerns while delivering an amazing sensory experience. These customized treatments are designed to cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate, so your skin is smoother, brighter, healthier and refreshed.

Give your lower legs and feet, arms & hands, or back the attention they deserve and become revitalized with massaged muscles that are ready to take on the day.
  • Thermal Touch for Back Purification
  • Thermal Touch for Legs & Feet

Comprehensive Skin Maintenance
Kathleen of Bridgton - BioActive Peel
BioActive Peel™

3 to 6 treatments are recommended for maximum benefit

$85 / session

An after care kit is included
Experience our most powerful resurfacing system yet.

Welcome to BioActive Peel™ a biologically active, biphasic peel that is a powerful and efficacious professional-use-only resurfacing system. This superficial peel system:

  • decreases surface roughness
  • treats acneic skin conditions
  • reduces fine lines
  • helps minimize the appearance of pigmentation in the epidermis and dermal-epidermal interface.

Let me design a series of BioActive Peel™ treatments to address your specific needs. It works in sequential steps via an active layering process to synergistically and safely, exfoliate the topmost layers of the skin.

  • A 45 min to 60 min. process. A preliminary consultation with a patch test is required for a new client.
  • A series of 3 to 6 treatments are recommended to gain the maximum benefit.

Targeted Treatments (With Time In Mind)
Express Facial

30 - 45 min

Address your skin's urgent needs in a timely manner with bt-Micro Technology to cleanse/exfoliate, followed with micro-current to firm and penetrate product into the skin. With the Bt-micro you will receive a refreshing steam cleanse, rice enzyme exfoliation, a rejuvenating masque and finish with a neck/shoulder massage.

Body Treatment

50+ min. - $65.00
This Aromatherapy Treatment targets the most permeable areas of your body with the most soothing blends of the oils. Lie face down to inhale soothing scents while receiving a hot towel to your back and soles of feet. Then turn over for a stretching of your arms & neck.

Next, with the purest blends of oils, receive acupressure to your face, forehead and crown, then finish with a scalp massage. Your entire body will be floating with relaxation & your spirit will be "Scent" to
Cloud 9.
  ∗ Each facial treatment includes a Swedish Massage to neck & shoulders. (excluding Mini Facial)